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Used / Preowned Dodge Ram 1500 from Temple in Waco, Killeen TX for sale, is by far on of the very best trucks on the used market to day. That is a powerful statement, but only the Ram can back it up. Used Dodge Ram is the ONLY truck in history to receive the Truck of the Year title 2 years in a row from MotorTrend. This accolade was not given lightly and never before has it been given to the same truck in consecutive terms. Obtaining the prestigious Truck of the Year title once is a feat in itself, but to keep it for a second term was an accomplishment that Ram is very proud of and well deserved. The only way this was achievable was by making the truck of the highest quality on the road at an affordable price, while providing everything you could want in all aspects; exterior appearance, interior comfort, technology, functionality, performance and providing plenty of options. Here you can learn all about the Used / Preowned Dodge Ram 1500 inside and out, as well as with several links throughout the page to help you in your research process free of obligations and hassle free.

Used / Preowned Dodge Ram 1500, Temple, Waco, Killeen TX for sale has an appearance to set trends in the modern world. This was the very first production truck with a "big rig" grill design that gave a bold appearance to a half-ton truck. Ram was the first use of the 20-inch wheel that the brands of all the other trucks copied and carried around, thinking from the customers perspective, this styling has aged aggressively in a positive light to the "lean forward" Charger inspired look, It is at the cutting edge of the of the truck trends that dares to ignore normal status quo and do its own thing. A Used / Preowned Dodge Ram 1500 for sale has a bold track record with a heritage crosshair grille and embedded Ram Head, it is unmistakably the king of the road!

Used / Preowned Dodge Ram 1500 in Temple, Waco, Killeen TX for sale has the interior that is a sophisticated step-up from the interior of the rest of the truck "crop". Like the appearance in the previous section, Dodge Ram also does a lot of things internally first, before the other brands followed. Several things to clearly distinguish Dodge Ram are the soft touch material used for the entire cabin (to remove all the appearance of ugly "plastic" for the interior feel), to enhance the appearance and to produce a high quality Stitched dash, luxurious leather seat, available head and cool seat elements, and available open pole "real wood" accents give this beast a warm and masculine feel that other trucks do not come close to providing. The two-layer glove box is super-convenient and it is perfect if you have a driver's license or something you want to access quickly. The owner's manual and what you want to keep over a long period of time in your truck are perfect for the lower layer. This is was the first truck to implement a feature like this and you have seen now that all the rest have started to finally come around and copied Dodge's ingenuity.

Used / Preowned Dodge Ram 1500 in Temple, Waco, Killeen TX for sale is at the precipice of state-of-the-art technology level is comparable to anyone else in the truck industry. Look at any year model to year model and you will see that Ram take the lead every single year in not only functionality, but also user friendliness. The available Uconnect system allows you to utilize the largest color touchscreen in the segment with an astonishing 8.4 inch interface, enhancing icon readability, improving functionality and ease of use. Notice in gauge cluster, warmed steering wheel for cold cross country trip, available class exclusive TorqueFlite electronic 8 speed transmission, fuel is descent on highways increased by improved aerodynamic aviation suspension system to reach out to your pocketbook. Additionally you can push the button by hand and lift the suspension within a few seconds so that you can easily go off-road on the fly! You wanted it all, you asked for it all, and with Ram you can get it all!

Used / Preowned Dodge Ram 1500 in Temple, Waco, Killeen TX for sale has many options to ensure you get the vehicle that match your job and needs. Different bed sizes, cab sizes, and even a full sized door for ease of use in the quad cab, something no other manufacture offers to ensure perfect truck for you. One of the most common configurations is the actually the Quad Cab configuration. This setup for the longest time is in conflict with the Crew Cab segment of other brands before they launched the Crew Cab. In fact, Quad Cab was the only true expanded cab whereas everyone else just slightly extended their cabs, put in half-doors and was terribly way more uncomfortable than the Ram Quadcab. The Quadcab is the biggest cab in the class (extended cab class), but because of the configuration AND size, people mistakenly compared the tracks confused with the crew cab. From there, dodge Ram remodeled the cabin and the front end to make more room up front, provided even bigger doors, and gave you more room in the rear to present one of the best rear seats in the truck industry still to this day. Since then and after adding the crew cab years ago, Used / Preowned Dodge Ram 1500 dominate both the crew and quad/extended cab market each year. As long as the regular cab goes, there is the biggest cab size again here. Since the storage space is built behind the seat, you can place things firmly and never rolling or losing things under the seat. So with all that being said, pick any cab size you desire and you know you are getting one of the best in the industry!

Used / Preowned Dodge Ram 1500 in Temple, Waco, Killeen TX for sale has an impressive number of trim lines. Everything has 4x4 option, and multiple cab sizes. If you need a work truck Ram has you covered and elevate up through the lines to the top tier Laramie Limited, Ram has what you need. To touch a few highlights on a couple trims along the way, Express will be the first. It is a perfect package for those who want appearance and performance, but not all bells and whistles to keep the price as affordable as possible. The Big Horn / Lone Star is in the middle of the road trim line where it offers not too much, but not too little; just the right amount of equipment. Laramie is the first of three top tiers for customers who like more finer things in life. Have questions before you come in and don't quite have the time to visit or call? No problem! We have a form to fill in for you and we will get the answers you seek with ease! Mac Haik Used / Preowned Dodge Ram 1500 in Temple, Waco, Killeen TX Dealer is here to help you get the perfect truck. We are your friendly Dealership, specializing in tedious-free visits and no obligation test drives! We make the purchase experience of the vehicle fun and enjoyable, unlike any other dealership. Contact us today or come on in…you will be happy you did!

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